Family Bible Hour

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Family Bible Hour
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Every Sunday at 9:15 AM

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Fall Schedule

9/12: Introduction to Foundations for Faith

The Heart of Our Faith: the Gospel

9/19: The Authority of Our Faith: the Bible

A. What does the Bible claim for itself?

B. How did we get our Bible?

9/26: C. Why can we trust the Bible?

D. How can I understand the Bible?

10/3: The Basics of Our Faith: the Key Doctrines

A. Who is God?

10/10: B. What is mankind and how did we get into the mess we're in?


10/24: C. Who is Jesus?

D. How is a person saved from sin and hell?

10/31: E. Who is the Holy Spirit?

11/7: F. What is the Church?

G. How will the world end?

11/14: H. The concept of "Theological Triage"

I. Answering Submitted Questions!

11/21: The Cultivation of Our Faith: the Spiritual Disciplines

A. Bible Intake

B. Prayer


12/5: C. Worship and Church Membership

D. Service

12/12: E. Bible Study -- Jonah 1-2

12/19: Jonah 3-4